A lot of things factor into the health of your roof... age, wind and water damage, weather conditions where you live, etc.

Some damage is cosmetic only and just requires a simple repair.  More severe damage from storms or leaks may require a replacement.

It's best to leave the inspecting up to the pros... we definitely don't recommend climbing onto your own roof!  It's a longer way down than it looks from the ground...trust us.

If we inspect your roof and determine that a repair or replacement is needed, the cost of your inspection will be credited toward the balance due for your roof project. 

If my roof needs to be repaired or replaced do you offer financing?

Are you licensed with proper permits?

If you require a roof repair or replacement, Mission Roof Co is happy to connect with your insurance company and try to help you get your roof costs covered if possible. 

If your roof is not covered by your insurance, we can direct you to  financing options through a third-party finance company that specializes in just that. 

We know that your insurance denying your coverage without a replacement can be very financially stressful.  Our goal is to help you however we can!

How do I know when my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Are you licensed with proper permits?